Have you ever wondered about the history of The Snyder County Times?
All information was provided by Ms. Lorraine via excerpts from a book entitled "The Story of Snyder County." Information can be found on pages 508 through 517.
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1910 - Today

This Timeline Begins With The Selinsgrove Times
March 1, 1910: Joseph Lesher sold Times to Marion S. Schoch
April 1944: Mr Schoch purchased Snyder County Tribune. The first issue of the Selinsgrove Times-Tribune was published April 13, 1944
December 13, 1946: Mr Schoch died unexpectedly and his sister, Miss Agnes Selin Schoch continued publishing from January 1947 until 1953
July 1953: Miss Barbara Miller of Lancaster and Hugo K. Frear of Bedford purchased the newspaper from Agnes Selin Schoch. Mr Frear was President and Miss Miller was Editor and General Manager.
Later the paper was published by Barbara Miller-Mitchell, Editor and Publisher and A.D. Mitchell, General Manager and Advertising Director. 
April 29, 1987: Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell sold the newspaper to Robert H. Fowler, owner of Swank-Fowler Publications and the building at 103 South Market Street to his wife, Beverly.

On July 3, 1987, Swank-Fowler acquired half interest in Media Group, Inc., of Middleburg, publishers of the Post and merged the Times-Tribune into Media Group, Inc. Larry B. Bachman, as President of Media Group, had the responsibility for publishing both The Times-Tribune and The Post, two separate papers. Mark D. Howell was the Editor ,and Larry B. Bachman was the General Manager and Publisher. Later, Tony Van Buren assumed responsibility as Publisher.
December 1996: Swank-Fowler Publications, Inc. sold The Post and the Selinsgrove Times-Tribune to Sue Weaver and Larry Bachman, Effective January 1, 1997.
March 1997: The Post and the Selinsgrove Times-Tribune were combined into one publication.
June 1997: Susan Weaver and Linda Reigle assumed ownership and the name of the newspaper was changed to Snyder County Times.
In 1998, Susan Weaver became the sole owner of the Snyder County Times.