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Submission Policies

The Snyder County Times reserves the right to reject or revise any copy which considers objectionable, either because said copy is not keeping with usual newspaper standards of propriety or for any other reason deemed material by the Publisher. In any event, the advertiser or advertiser's agency assumes liability for the content of all advertising copy printed and agrees to hold harmless from all claims arising there for made against the Snyder County Times or its subsidiary publication. Publisher is not responsible for copy omission, typographical errors, or any unintentional errors that may occur in advertisement. Liability of Publisher is limited to only amount of space consumed by such error. All advertising accepted on this basis. All submissions must include the sender's name, address and daytime telephone number.


News articles and advertisements must be submitted by 4 P.M. on Tuesdays to be considered for publication. Legal notices deadline is noon on Tuesdays. There will be NO exceptions to this rule.


Snyder County Times Inc. is not responsible for the safe return of any photograph. Photographs submitted can be picked up at the newspaper office or sent back with a stamped self-address envelope. When emailing photos they MUST BE sent as attachments not in Microsoft Word Files.


Snyder County Times Inc. reserves the right to accept, reject and edit all submitted articles. To be considered for publication, articles must include the sender's name, address and a daytime telephone number. The Snyder County Times is not responsible for errors due to hand written copy.


We mail to over 16,000 households in Snyder County and over 9,500 in Union County.

Please do not submit any legal notifications using these forms.

ALL legal notices can be sent directly to